A Walk In The Woods

It’s amazing how simple a walk in the woods can be, but the lasting effects can take your breath away…

There is a woods close to my home that we walk around frequently.  It is one of the most inspiring places to be and I find it is one of the best places, especially locally, for the purposes of grounding when I feel like I am not myself, when I need cleansing, re-energising…

Today, I wasn’t up to going, I said, when asked by mother, who also loves the woods and regularly walks her dog there, if I would accompany her.  However, she was not taking ‘no’  for answer.  She was walking the dog and I was going with her, and that was the end of that.  So, dutily, off we went.

It was fairly late in the afternoon and had been cloudy all day long; we had recently had a lot of rain and the woods has a tendency to get quite muddy, but it didn’t matter, as we had decided that today was the day we were walking off the main paths, following the smaller, less well-used tracks.  And it was a revelation.  We paid no heed to where we were going, looking at the woods with fresh eyes. 

We got about half way round our walk and then it began pouring with rain – typical.  However, this did not dampen the walk -well, of course we got wet, but you know what I mean!  This new addition to the woods introduced new sounds and new smells and…the energies around us changed… 

Everyone, no matter their particular gifts or talents has the ability to feel changes in energies…it’s just sometimes the energies are more subtle than other times, but we can learn to recognise and understand changes in energy if we have a mind to. 

My mother, who is also a spiritual soul, and I, then spent (unbeknown to us) the next hour or so wandering off the well-worn paths discussing tree spirits, tree magic and the energies of trees.  We spoke of the cultures and civilisations who work closely with trees and how they did so.  We also spent time connecting with a few of trees in the woods, one’s we were drawn to in particular.

The spontaneity of the walk and the subsequent ‘tree magic’ instilled feelings of calm in us both.  It was an activity which made you focus on the present; we had to mind our footing on the narrow tracks as we followed paths we neither of us had before walked.  There was no time to worry about the past or deliberate on the future.  We were firmly grounded in the ‘now’ and determined to make the best of the experience.  It was a liberating feeling casting off the burdens of the things you cannot change because they have passed and the anxiety of making the right decisions for events still to come…

Once we arrived back at the car, all three of us, covered in mud, we were relaxed and at peace.  Personally, I felt that the woods and the rain had cleansed me…I was now ready to again begin my writing from which I had taken a few days break.  So, once this post has been completed I am going to sit down, with a nice cup of hot tea, of course, and let the words dancing round my head form a story on the page…

Brightest blessings ~*~ )0(~*~

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