Do you believe in signs and symbols?

Signs and symbols have long been used to help one make a decision and to interpret dreams and have consequently aided one in making the right choice, or equally a bad one.

Some people believe that even the most basic of symbols have a deeper meaning...

Signs and symbols are everywhere; logos, brands, packaging, advertising, book covers, cd sleeves, on bags, products, and business cards, letterheads, envelopes, the sides of cars and vans…we cannot get away from the bombardment of signs and symbols.  So, obviously, someone somewhere thinks that they are important.  But the question is, do you?  Would you base an important decision on something that could arguably come down to just mere coincidence?

Well, I suppose the first thing you would have to ask yourself is how many times can you see the same ‘sign’ before it stops being coincidental?  Is there a cut off point where the repitition of the mundane stops being mundane and something more noteworthy, such as a sign?  In pagan circles, the number three is a very important number, so should it be three times?  Or should there be no cut off?  If something so out-of-the-ordinary happens, something so strange or unexpected happens only once, is that not enough to earmark it as something to pay attention to?

As with most things in paganism, witchcraft and wicca, we are guided by our own personal choice and pathway.  And thus, if something stands out as important to us, we should pay it close attention and equally, if the sign does not ‘feel’ like a sign to us, we should pay it no heed at all.

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