The Path of the Witch

The path of the witch is a varied one; many souls tread its well-worn roads, each visiting different places on their journey.  Some stop when they reach a certain destination.  Others progress without pause, searching for the souce of wisdom and knowledge…the Lord and Lady of the eternal mysteries…the Mother and Father of all things…

There is so much to learn…too much…none of us can know it all.  We must look within and find the beacons of light in the darkness that call out to us.  These our the strategic landmarks that lead us towards our destination, the spiritual signposts that ensure we do not skip the lessons we need to learn…

So, if the tarot whispers your name in the middle of the night, do not ignore it.  If the Lady of Mysteries sings your name on the wind as she sweeps up the last of the leaves, pay her close attention.  If the melting ice of a hard frost repeats a chant of ‘heed me, heed me’ let that sound guide you on your own Path of the Witch…


About sammi witch

writer and witch...
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