Looks like I’ve been tagged!

I’ve been tagged by earthmother195@wordpress.com

The rules are:

1) Post the rules.

2) You must post 11 random things about yourself.

3) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.

4) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

5) Go to their blog and tell them you tagged them.

6) No stuff on the tagging section about “you are tagged if you are reading this”.  You have to legitimately tag 11 people.

11 random things about me:

1)  I was taught to read palms at Middle School by my form tutor.  There was a group of us and we would spend our lunch breaks learning as much as we could.  A couple of months later we had a tent at the summer fair to raise money for the school…

2)  I attribute my love of herbs and herblore to a fictional monk!  Cadfael, the benedictine monk created by Ellis Peters, has a lot to answer for! 

3) The tarot deck I work most often with is the mythic tarot.

4) I wish I could draw better than I can.  Sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can’t…

5)  I have an obsession about drinking tea.

6)  I love storms – the sound of the rain, even the howling wind; the colour of the sky especially when it is lit up by lightning…the raw energy and the primal power of nature are inspiring.

7) I have some of my best thoughts just before I go to sleep; that is probably why I forget most of them.

8) I have a welsh dragon tatoo just above my right ankle.

9) I am a vegetarian but don’t preach at others for not being one.

10)  I really, really, really hate peas and celery!!!!

11) I am always writing lists; its a habit I very much doubt I will grow out of.

The 11 questions set by earthmother195:

1) What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever come across?  In the local woods where I walk someone has carved crosses into some of the trees…the bark around some of the carvings suggest that it has been happening over a period of years, but some of them have been freshly done.  It is strange, to my eyes at least, because it looks random to me; there is no pattern and is not species specific.  I can’t see why anyone would do it.  Is there are meaning to it or simply random vandalism?

2) What makes you stand out from most other people that you associate with? My aquarian nature.

3) What is your favourite belonging?  I am not sure I can answer this one…just one?  All right then, my Craft box which contains my tools and most important craft notes…is that cheating?

4) What would be the greatest advice you want to leave for others after you pass on?  Follow your heart and be guided by your dreams, otherwise you may spend your time regreting things you can no longer change instead of living your life.

5) What do you stand up for?  What will you argue about?  What drives you crazy?  What annoys you and what do you usually do about it?  I dislike intolerant and inconsiderate people, however, my nature very rarely makes me do anything more than aim a sarcastic comment in the direction of the perpetrator!

6) In what directions are you encouraging today’s youth?  I am not encouraging anyone in any direction.  I believe we should all follow our own instincts, as long as it harms no one.  That way we should all end up on the path we are supposed to be on, doing what we should be doing instead of doing what others expect of us.

7) What have you tried to change about yourself?  My confidence in myself, my abilities and my knowledge should not be influenced by others opinions.  It’s not what they think that’s important, its what I think…

8) What do you think will be different in your life 10 years from now?  I really don’t know…I am not sure I want to know that far ahead…it might ruin the surprise!

9) What are you currently exploring / learning about? I am currently exploringthe pros and cons of putting together my own deck of cards. 

10) What are you doing for yourself?  Selfishly, most of my writing is done with me in mind, so my blog and my emagazine.

11) How do you encourage yourself?  I am always quick to remind myself that no matter how bad I think things are, there are always people worse off.  I have a roof over my head, I have my partner and my cats, friends and family who care about me…I may also remind myself about how clever I think I am…once in a while!

My 11 questions to you are:

1) Name five characteristics, qualities, experiences or people who have shaped you into the person you are today.

2) When you are down, how do you pick yourself back up?

3) Name three people from history who you would like to meet.

4) What’s your biggest vice and biggest virtue?

5) If you could only keep one book from your bookshelf what would it be?

6) What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

7) What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

8) What’s your favourite colour and what do you think it says about you?

9) Do you believe in i) ghosts ii) aliens?

10) When you close your eyes, what do you see?

11) What are you more afraid of, success or failure?

I am currently on a quest to find 11 worthy bloggers to tag…check back here for an update soon…

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2 Responses to Looks like I’ve been tagged!

  1. sammiwitch says:

    It was certainly fun – and made me think a lot too! Thanks for including me. Brightest Blessings

  2. Thanks for playing along…..it was fun, wasn’t it?

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