Witchcraft…isn’t that bad?

No, no, no and again no!

How can something that:

  • is empowering
  • is liberating
  • promotes respect
  • promotes compassion
  • promotes peace
  • sees the value in the natural world
  • believe no harm should be done to anyone or anything
  • tries to rectify and heal damage that has been caused by others
  • tries to limit the damage that they themselves might cause
  • instills the quality of personal responsibility in its practitioners
  • does not believe in converting others to its path
  • believes in equality for men and women
  • attributes the proper level of respect to the elders of the community
  • respects different cultures and civilisations, both past and present
  • is always emphasising the benefits and even necessity of education; one should never cease learning
  • believes that once one has mastered a subject, it is their duty to give back to others who wish to learn from them
  • understands that others who think differently or do not agree with what they think are not wrong, only different
  • accepts people for who they are, not who they should be  *

be bad?

You get bad people in all walks of life; they are not confined to one area.  Bad people do bad things, put the blame on them personally and make them take responsibility for their actions.  Do not tarnish the reputation of witchcraft, when it cannot be held to account.  After all, we do not say that criminals who drive cars are bad because they drive cars, do we?

Witchcraft and Wicca are spiritualities that promote caring for everyone and everything.  Of course, you will unfortunately find those amongst the pagan community who do not work with the motto ‘for the good of all and the harm of none’ in mind.  And there is no excuse for them, but do not label the whole community bad because of what a minority do.

They might be bad…what they do might be bad…but witchcraft as a spiritual pathway isn’t!

* Please note that this list outlining the good points of witchcraft is NOT exhaustive.  If anyone reading this has any more suggestions for the list, please comment below.


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5 Responses to Witchcraft…isn’t that bad?

  1. Marie says:

    Wonderful post. I totally agree with each and every word.

  2. Thought you’d like to know, I Tweeted this and posted a link to it on my Fanpage. https://www.facebook.com/EarthMother195

    • sammiwitch says:

      I am glad you liked the post. Thanks for posting the link on your Fanpage and tweeting this…you are very kind…I visited your fanpage and followed the links to your etsy shop and saw some very beautiful and well-crafted items. Bright Blessings

  3. Excellent post, maybe the best one I’ve read yet! Great job.

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