Hey! You guys look “familiar”!

First of all, I apologise for the use of the pun in this post’s title, but yes you guessed it.  I am introducing my cat’s to the readers of this wonderfully, witchy blog and thought a pun about familiar’s could not be ignored!

Moving swiftly on…Let me introduce to my feline friends…This is Bast:

Bast is named after the Ancient Egyptian goddess who was commonly depicted with the head of a cat...cats were sacred to her...

Although a little shy, this cat has a mind of her own!  She loves a cuddle on her own terms but pick her up without permission and you might get quickly acquainted with her claws!

Next let me introduce Khepri…

Khepri is the name of the ancient Egyptian scarab beetle which was used as an amulet in Ancient Egypt for good luck and protection...

He is a hardworking fellow, as this picture of his napping in an open recipe book suggests!  Unlike Bast above, Khepri just loves to be picked up – in fact, the more attention he can get, the happier he is!

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