Preparing for Imbolg

Imbolg, also known as Imbolc, Oimelc or Candlemas, is celebrated on or around the 1 or 2 February, and marks the arrival of the first signs of spring, although spring will not be underway for sometime yet…winter still holds the earth in its icy grip…

As a pagan festival Imbolg is largely associated with rituals that include a cleansing or purification aspect.  It literally is a celebration of spring cleaning – albeit, spiritual and magickal!  What’s the point?  Well, to clear the path ahead for new growth and development for a start.

So how does one prepare for Imbolg?

By actual spring cleaning!  Sounds so boring and mundane, I know.  However, it is a great way to prepare for the festival.  Many witches will take the time out to physically and ritually clean their magickal workspace, altar and tools. Some will also re-consecrate or re-dedicate their ritual items, but this will depend on your personal preference and pathway.

Others will see this as the perfect time to spring clean their entire house!

If you don’t want to spend your time in the run-up to Imbolg doing chores, is there anything else you can do?

If you have a garden, you can begin to tidy it and cut back anything that may need it before the next growing season is under way.  You can also start to warm the earth and flowerbed by covering the top with gardening fleece or weighted-down newspaper.  Black plastic is a popular choice these days with gardners, but perhaps not for many environmentally conscious wiccans who may wish to use a natural, biodegradable alternative…

Spend some time thinking about what you wish to accomplish this year and start planning.  Remember now is the time for thought only; the time for action will come later…

Plan your Imbolg celebration.  This includes what you will be doing on the day, whether you wish to work a ritual or honouring and planning what you will need and getting the items ready.

For more information on the festival of Imbolg, I will be publishing another post closer to the festival, so check back soon…

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