The Intricacies of a Witch’s Birthday

Today I am 29 years old.  It surprises some that I am not older than that, but I am old enough thank you!

So, how does a witch spend her birthday?

Firstly she decides to do something special, that in her eyes perhaps helps her to connect with her ancestors, or the ancestors of the land, or even just allows her to reconnect to nature.  This means a fun trip out.  So with partner is tow, we went off to explore a woodland we hadn’t visited before and what did we find…many, many grey squirrels…I know there are lots of people out there that don’t like them, but I must admit I am not one of them…all animals are precious…As part of my birthday, tomorrow we will also be visiting the location of an iron age hill fort, but more about that in a later post!

Then a witch must definately have a birthday cake, with plenty of candles.  Did you know that blowing the candles out on a birthday cake as you make a wish is one of the easiest forms of magic to master…it’s known as candle magic or candle wishing…For the Samhain edition of The Moonstone emagazine I wrote a recipe for a pentacle-themed sponge cake, which I decided was definately apt for a witch’s birthday celebration…And then for a non-witchy alternative I made a ‘double chocolate brownie upside down birthday cake’…

There is also a strong pull towards friends and families at this time; it’s a time to catch up, share birthday cake and perhaps even a meal…Presents are also welcome!  I have been blessed with an inundation of crystals and candles (one can never have too many!) and a copy of The Triumph of the Moon by Professor Ronald Hutton…

Should a witch practice magic or work ritual on her birthday?  Why not?  We are currently still in the New Moon phase of the lunar cycle, which pleases me on a silly level…it is associated with youth and thus a welcome comfort when continually being asked ‘do you feel old?’ or ‘are you worried you are nearly 30?’  I am pleased to admit that the answer is ‘no’, to both questions…


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