Imbolg and The First Signs of Spring

Imbolg (or Imbolc, Oimelc) is the third festival in the Witches Year and depending on the tradition, is celebrated on the 1 or 2 February.  However, the occassion is marked in many other faiths and traditions, and has been for millenia.  This is because it celebrates the time when we can clearly see that the winter is loosening its icy grip on the world, not that winter is behind us or that spring is well and truly underway, only that the wheel has started turning.

In my other post, Preparing for Imbolg, we discussed that this festival is mainly centred on aspects of ritual cleansing and purification, but it also touches on the themes of healing and protection, especially the protection of that which is dear to you.  It is the time of house blessings and re-working spells that need to be periodically re-worked in order to maintain their purpose.

It is the festival to the Celtic goddess Brigid, a time to use candles to celebrate that which is to come.  Food associated with this festival includes any milk-based recipes you may have, such as rice pudding, and the colours of Imbolg are white, pale yellow and green.

Here is an Imbolg-themed ritual for protecting the home, based on ‘visualisation magic’ (if I can see it, my will can make it so). 

Envisage the boundary to your land or property.  Now in your minds eye go along this boundary visualising a column of silver-blue light going up into the sky for as far as you can see. Feel the same column burying under the earth.  Once you have made one complete circuit (and it is recommened to create an overlap for good measure) visualise the wall of light above the ground merging together to create a dome.  Envisage the same for the wall of light beneath the earth.  Together these domes form a bubble of protection, a shield to protect you against the negativity or harmful influence of others.

Wishing you the Brightest Blessings of Imbolg.

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