Oh, it snowed? No surprise there then…

Snow has been sweeping across Europe, so it’s no surprise that here in the UK we would be ‘blessed’ with a little of the white stuff.

Here in Bedfordshire we got about 4 inches…not a lot…not really enough to build a snowman…unless you really, desperately wanted to…like I did when I woke this morning.

So, roping in a willing-for-the-most-part partner, we set about collecting snow from around the garden to build our snow friend.


When the assembly part was over, it was time to dress him…a flowerpot for a hat, one of my purple scarf’s, a carrot for a nose and 2 large flint chips for eyes…we were very impressed with our effort…so much so we invited (or depending on who you ask, insisted) people come over to see ‘Cornelius’ before he melted! 

And our friends had an even better idea…

Change the flower pot hat for my purple halloween witch’s hat and our friend Cornelius had become a very witchy Cornelia!

...Who soon became 'Cornelia'...

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