We all possess the gift of healing

We might not be doctors and have the ability to help people recover when they have been ill…we might not have the capacity to help others heal in the metaphysical sense…and yet we all possess the gift of healing.

It starts with one thing.  Compassion.  A gift from the heart.  If used correctly it can inspire us to say the right words and do the right thing, to offer comfort to those who require it. 

It is compassion that unlocks the door to the gift of healing, and from it stems our inherent, human ability to put someone’s mind at ease, to listen to another’s tale of tradegy or heartache, to share the burden that just might be causing someone distress.

So just remember to ask yourself next time ‘Mr Misery’ wants to start a conversation with you, just why are they so down?  A two minute exchange may feel like an hour when you are in the middle of it, but remind yourself of the generous gift you have given them: the chance to unburden themselves; the opportunity, for a short time at least, to allow them to feel like they are not alone.

We none of us are saints, so cannot possess the oft-quoted ‘patience of a saint’ all the time.  And if we are having a bad day or going through a rough patch ourselves, it can be even harder to tolerate the ‘moaning’ and ‘whining’ of others.  But, if we try hard and use the compassion that we find in our hearts, perhaps we could have the patience of a saint sometimes?

We all possess the gift of healing but to use it we have to want to help others.

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