Free Tarot Reading Offer!

I have currently withdrawn the FREE TAROT READING OFFER due to time constraints…for more information on future divination readings, please check out ‘Divination’ page…

Why am I offering a free tarot reading?  A good question…

First of all, please, please, please read this post in its entirety.  I understand that it is a lengthy one, but it is necessary…

I have been reading the tarot for many, many years.  I love it…it is a passion of mine, along with writing.  I read my own cards and I read for others.  However, there comes a time when, in order to grow and progress that little bit further along our pathway, we have to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone.  Why? Because it stretches the mind, it makes us work harder.  It allows us to evaluate where we are now, and where we want to go in the future.  And what I am offering here is certainly out of my comfort zone…a tarot reading by email.

Have I ever done a tarot reading via email before?  Only for those I have read for in person.  Never for strangers.

I have never read the tarot for money.  Is this something that I am planning on doing in the future?  Who knows what the future holds?  However, at this present time I have no intention of turning this into a job.  I want to do it because I love it, and it is a gift I want to share with others, or rather, it is a gift I want to expand on.

So why do I want to do this, at this time?  Why now? As I mentioned, I want to grow and develop.  One of the things I have yet to conquer is the email tarot reading.

How is an email tarot reading different from a reading face-to-face?  Well, the main issue is that there is no personal connection between the one having the reading and the person reading the cards, therefore it is known as a distant reading.  Many tarot readers will get their clients to handle the cards before they are dealt, which is thought to help with a reading.  Without this personal interaction, the tarot reader has to work harder, and if they work with a spiritual or psychic aspect to their tarot reading, this comes into play also.

In essence I am on the lookout for guinea pigs, because ultimately I am looking to practice and hone my skills as a distance reader.  This little exercise will allow me to evaluate and adapt my ‘connection skills’ as required.  I do not expect these email readings to be perfect when I start out on this path, but hopefully with practice, and the patience of a few kind-hearted souls, I may improve…

The Rules

  1. You must be over the age of 18 to contact me.
  2. A tarot reading is for entertainment purposes only.  It is not a replacement for any form of professional advice or counselling.
  3. If you decide to act on any information produced as part of a tarot reading, that is ultimately your choice.  We all have free will, to do and behave in a way that is chosen by us.  We take personal responsibility for our actions.  I am not responsible for what you do before, after or during a reading!
  4. In return for this free reading you will be willing to provide me with feedback.  Although I would never ask you for any personal information regarding any situation your are or have been in, I would appreciate it if you would be willing to discuss the accuracy of the reading, my ’email by tarot’ manner and rate the overall experience as well as offer any improvements or suggestions if they cross your mind.  This information will not be shared, and is only for my personal use (however, if you decide to provide me with a testimonial, I would be doubley grateful!).
  5. I appreciate people being upfront and honest with me, however, this doesn’t mean that if the tarot reading doesn’t live up to your expectations, or heaven forbid, my reading is way off the mark, you have the right to be rude to me.  As has clearly been set out in this post, this is part of a learning curve, and you know (and accept) what you are getting yourself into!
  6. Please read another one of my posts, The Complexities of a Tarot Reading.  By contacting me, you are stating that you have read this post and understand what can influence the outcome of a tarot reading.

How to contact me

Please email me on – In the subject line if you could please state something along the lines of ‘Free Tarot Reading’ I would much appreciate it.

Are there any specifics you will need to include in the email? Yes, actually…the following would be helpful:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Your favourite colour and / or your favourite crystal
  4. An area or question you would like the reading to focus on.  If you are after a general reading please state something along the lines of ‘general’ or ‘3 month forecast’.
  5. And finally, please pick one from the following: Pile A, Pile B, Pile C
  6. I work with a variety of tarot decks.  If you would like to know which ones so that you can choose which deck will be used in your reading, please contact me.

In the email that contains the tarot reading I will explain the significance of each of the five points I have listed above.  Please note that I will only contact you with regards to the reading that you request.  I will never contact you to ask for money.  The information that you share with me will not be shared with anyone else.

So, well done if you made it to the bottom of this extremely long post!  If after reading it you decide that you would like to offer yourself up as a guinea pig, please get in touch.  I look forward to hearing from you.

PLEASE NOTE:  I have no idea how many people will respond to this post, if any.  So, if in the event that more people than expected do respond, I will post an update in the comments section below outlining whether or not I am currently taking new readings.  However, I will endeavour to give readings to all those who contact me, if I am able.

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    Hmmm curious about the tarot reading but I see you’re not doing them anymore 😉

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