Tarot Deck Review: Hansen-Roberts Deck

This post begins my journey though reviewing my collection of tarot and oracle cards.  Please note that all the information provided herein is my personal opinion of the cards and this may agree or disagree with others opinions of the cards.  If you would like to comment on this tarot deck or my review of it, please leave your comment below.

Deck: Hansen-Roberts Tarot

Artist: Mary Hansen-Roberts

Brief description of the main features of the deck

The Hansen-Roberts deck is made up of the standard 78 cards of the tarot.  The Strength card occupies number VIII in the Major Arcana, whilst Justice is located at XI.  The four suits are named Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Rods.  The Court Cards (picture cards) are the Page, Knight, Queen and King.  The deck is illustrated in coloured pencil.

Why I chose to buy this deck

I bought these cards at the beginning of 2011.  I was asked by a few people who knew I read the tarot to suggest a deck for them to start learning with, so this deck was chosen as my ‘teaching deck’.  I opted for the ‘mini’ deck of cards for a number of reasons:

  1. it was small enough to carry around with me all day
  2. it was a good size for those new to the tarot to get to grips with as some people struggle with the larger-sized cards
  3. it was relatively inexpensive (I don’t like telling people they should go out and spend £15-£20 on something that might not interest them in a couple of months)

Another point to note is that there is a non-threatening aspect to this tarot deck, which is great for younger audiences and those who are a little wary of the tarot.  Some of the illustrations are reminiscent of those found in whimsical children’s books, giving the cards an innocent and simple quality.  However, it is this that might actually put some people off, especially those who prefer their tarot cards to be ‘overtly pagan’.  The lack of occult imagery and undertones in the pictures mean that this deck is suitable for a wider audience, and no particular religion or spirituality is stressed in the illustrations.

The deck is loosely based on that of the Rider-Waite-Smith, so anyone with any experience of that deck will not struggle with these cards.  The names on the cards follow this ‘standard’ and those who require the need of a book for their study, or who hope to learn online via a website, will find that any aimed at the Rider-Waite-Smith or use this deck to illustrate the course, should serve them well.

What I love about this deck

All 78 cards of the deck are illustrated (by this I mean, they are illustrated with pictures of the card’s interpretation, not just 6 cups for the Six of Cups, etc).  As I stated earlier, I initially picked this deck for it’s ease of understanding to those new to the tarot, and I think that it is perfect for this reason.  I also think that it is suitable for those with more experience; I myself use this deck on a regular basis.  The style and colours of the illustrations captured my attention when I first began searching for the perfect beginners deck, and my favourite cards of the Hansen-Roberts deck being Death, The Star, Three of Swords, The Moon, Two of Cups.

What I don’t love so much

This isn’t so much an issue with the card deck, rather my choice when I purchased them.  I love this deck so much I wish I had opted for the larger size deck!  But I went with the smaller one for my teaching deck, and I do still love it.  It has a permenant home in my handbag to ensure that I always have a set of tarot cards on me!  I wouldn’t like to be caught short…

Would I recommend this deck and why

I would definately recommend the Hansen-Roberts deck for those just beginning to work with the tarot.  The fact that all 78 cards have illustrations which reflect their meaning is a big plus point and I think the card meanings are clear from the illustrations.  This is one of my favourite tarot decks to work with.  It is also good for those tarot readers who read for those who lack a pagan / occult background as the imagery is non-threatening and yet very colourful and vivid.  It is a friendly deck that has the ability to draw a person into the pictures, making the Hansen-Roberts deck easy to work with.

Overall rating



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