Time to reflect…#8

This week’s Time to reflect…theme comes from Confucius.  What do you think?  How does it make you feel?  Feel free to post any comments below…

To me, the meaning of these words change depending on the day I am reading them, but they always possess such calmness. 

Some days it feels as if they are implying that there is no judgement here…all that matters is that you are happy.  And others are happy because you are.  If only such acceptance and understanding were commonplace!

Other days it is as if I am being told not to question decisions I have already made or actions I have taken, not because I believe they have been wrong but rather because I do not always have full faith in my own judgement!  Continually questioning myself only serves to undermine that which I have done, and if I don’t believe in myself, why should anyone else?


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