A little bit of inspiration can go a long way…

Those things that have the potential to inspire can create a plethora of feelings inside of us, as ultimately inspiration is that which can make us feel.  What that is comes down to the source of the inspiration and the one being inspired.  We usually use the term ‘inspiration’ to describe that which we have been inspired to create, but we should remembered that we have created because we have felt.

Inspiration can make us feel differing levels and ranges of emotion, as well as have a profound effect on us.  It can move us to tears; it can make us want to sing and shout (like a lunatic!), it can help us unburden past hurts and traumas, it can impart strength to aid us in completing that which we would ordinarily feel too weak to achieve, it can help us accept that which we cannot change or influence but also move us to forgive, and perhaps most of all it allows us to dare to hope…

Nature has the power to inspire us.  Whether it is in form of the highest mountain, the widest ocean or on a more localised level, the woodland or the view upstream from the local river.  A cave can allow us a glimpse into the mind of some of the earliest humans…an acorn can remind us of the potential that we all possess…

The weather can inspire us also, as it has the ability to change our outlook on the mundane, every day world.  Seeing the sun shine can be uplifting; the rain can symbolise the washing away of that which can no longer stay, a symbol of purification and cleansing, and the destructive potential of the weather reminds us, in a humbling way, that Mother Nature can give but also take away.  This may seem like a less-inspiring side to inspiration.  How can a natural disaster inspire us?  It can inspire us to appreciate that which we have, to be thankful for what we have got.

People can inspire us: religious teachers, those who have sacrificed much for others or the greater good, parents can inspire children as well as schoolteachers, historical figures and those of ‘hero’ status, not to mention those who have overcome illness or traumatic events in their lives.

We can be inspired by the results of other’s inspiration…works of fiction, true stories, inspirational and philosophical quotes, their poetry, their works of art…

What inspires one, may not inspire another…the object of the inspiration can resonate with us on a level that we may or may not understand…it can inspire us for only a matter of minutes or an entire lifetime…

We should cherish that which inspires us and carry a little bit of it wherever we go…


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