Time to reflect…#10

This week’s Time to reflect…what do you think?  Feel free to post any comments below…

My Personal Viewpoint

There are many avenues we could go down with this weeks Time to Reflect…but for fear of boring one and all, I’ll keep it short and stick with one way of interpreting the words…

To me, these words remind me of The Magician in the Tarot.  He has everything that he could possibly need at his finger tips – talents, gifts and attributes – to make his world what he wants it to be.  He is usually depicted with one hand pointing towards the sky and the other one pointing towards the ground; this action is symbolic of as above, so below or as in heaven, so on earth.  The Magician reminds us that only we have the power to change our outlook on life, and indeed change our lives so that they are closer to how we want them to be.  We are the force of change, the catalyst…only we can direct the change to where we wish to see it.

The Magician also has the ability to perfectly combine a spiritual existence (as above) with his own physical reality (so below).  He makes the most mundane of tasks have purpose; he infuses these with higher intentions to ensure that they are an act of worship.  He acts in accordance with what he believes.  He is able to live the spiritual life he needs and wants.  In Buddhism,  one learns to meditate to such a degree that simply being is meditating. 

To me, today at least, this is The Magician…

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