Where does one find the time?

I love making things…for a few years I designed and sold my own pagan-themed cross-stitch patterns and kits, but sadly, a couple of months ago I decided that it was something I was going to have to stop because I didn’t have enough time, not only to put into the designing but also the website and packaging, etc, and I felt my lack of commitment was unfair to my customers. My emagazine had almost taken over my life, and there were just not enough hours in the day to give it the attention it deserved.  Although this was sad, and a very hard decision to make, I certainly felt a lot lighter after doing.  I no longer had to worry about where I was going to find the time to get this or that done, and there was no more worrying about how I was going to answer emails about when my latest design collection was going to be ready.

And now I am able to look at my giant crafting materials with relish instead of despair!  In the months since I had taken the decision, my crafts have certainly felt more like a hobby than a chore.  In the last couple of weeks alone, I have made two new cushion covers, a knitted bolster cushion and learnt a new technique in hand book-binding.  Only yesterday did I finish re-upholstering a footstool – a project I had planned a year ago!  But now it is done, and I am pleased.  Although not done to anyone standards but my own, I know it doesn’t look very professional…yet I am happy with it, as is my partner (and it is his feet that have to rest upon it at the end of the day, so his opinion counts the most!).

So what’s next?  My next project is to re-upholster our dining room chairs; they belonged to my great-grandmother and I have some perfectly purple material that will go exquisitely with their dark wood stain…perfect for the dining room of a witch, don’t you think?

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