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Rose Quartz, Pink Blossom and Beltane Altar

As an update to Rose Quartz and Pink Blossom, I thought I would post a couple of photos of the said blossom… The first is of the crabapple tree in my garden, full to bursting with the softly-scented petals… I … Continue reading

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Rose Quartz and Pink Blossom

I have been writing up in my office today, overlooking my garden, which with the very mixed weather we have had this past week (thunder and lightning, hail, very heavy rain, not so heavy but persistent rain and strong winds, … Continue reading

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I Sit Alone, Thinking

I sit alone, thinking, Contemplating all I have done… And all I have yet to do. Dreams and ambitions Float before my eyes, Clouding my vision. Which one should I focus on? Which star can I reach? A mist descends. … Continue reading

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Crystals and Herbs for Rest and Relaxation

Here is part 3 of my ‘Crystals and Herbs for…’ blog series… This time round we are focusing on Crystals and Herbs for Rest and Relaxation… Crystals: Clear Quartz – is especially good if you are feeling overly stressed and … Continue reading

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Respect for all living creatures

I came across a very sad news story today on Yahoo, involving the killing of a ‘giant rat’ in north-east England.  (For the story you can read it on yahoo here). I don’t intend to go into detail here about what happened; … Continue reading

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