Finding the Personal in Pagan Spirituality

It can be hard these days to truly find our own path.

We are constantly being bombarded with information; from other people, TV, books and the internet.  Most of the information that we come across will have been constructed to get a certain viewpoint across.  The book is written from the viewpoint of the author; advertising from the viewpoint of the advertisers and big businesses.  My blog and my posts are written from my own personal perspective.  Even the subject of spirituality isn’t free of its bias slant as there will always be people out there saying ‘this is the right way to do it’ or ‘you are doing it wrong’.

And somewhere, in the middle of this swamp of information and the opinions of others, we have to find what makes sense to us as individuals.  We all think differently.  We process and interact with  information in different ways and at different rates.  What might seem a logical progression of thought to one person, may come across as sheer lunacy to someone else!

Throughout history, the issue of religion and spirituality, not to mention its practice and laws associated with it, has always been a hard subject to grasp, on the individual level as well as on a wider social scale.  And now, with a vast world of information about every subject under-the-sun available online, attempting to work out who you are, and perhaps even more importantly, what you believe, can seem like a monumentous task.

The Craft and paganism in general can be hard topics to delve into; so much information exists out there, much of it is from reliable sources, but some is the result of overly-romanticised Victorian fabrication or even embellished historical fact, written when an interest in the occult and the paranormal swept across Western Europe and North America.  A few of the early writers about witchcraft for example, have been discredited these days, and yet their legacy survives as does some of the information that they left us with.  One of the more prominent examples of this is the Celtic Tree Calendar.  Many pagans and witches use it and yet it is almost certain that no pre-Christian Celt would have used it.  (I myself have a soft spot for the Celtic Tree Calendar and will be posting information about it some time over the next few days).

So how do we proceed?  We go along the path with open eyes.  We research that which interests us and holds meaning.  If its accuracy is a little shaky, does it matter?  Only you can answer that.  Make it personal to you.  One of the beautiful aspects of paganism is just how it can be moulded into the type of spirituality that you need at any given time.  It has no hard and fast rules (although we have a duty to be responsible pagans 🙂 ).  In paganism, the only limitations, are the ones we ourselves create.  It is the spirituality of the free spirit, so change it and adapt it so that it works for you and you get something out of it.   

Sometimes we may turn off from our path without realising it as we try to find our way.  However, let you instinct and your intuition guide you back to the path that was hewn out of the earth only for your feet to walk upon!


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2 Responses to Finding the Personal in Pagan Spirituality

  1. Neferet says:

    When I started out, I never read a book on Wicca. They were all so biased that I couldn’t figure out what was right! So, I began researching what mattered to me, like ancient Egyptian rituals, herbs and crystals, that kind of thing. Then I went through the internet to see what other, everyday people were thinking. This helped me really decide what it was that I personally believed in and held in high esteem. 🙂 Very informative post, as usual.

    • sammiwitch says:

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It can be hard to read about wicca and paganism when you feel that you lack direction and are searching for your own distinctive pathway. There is just so much information out there, it can be very easy to get lost, until you understand what you are looking for and why. Sometimes it can be best not read around a subject… (never thought I would say that! 🙂 ) Brightest Blessings

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