Something’s changing…

The past couple of days I have awoken with the feeling that change is coming…a very abstract, perhaps even bizarre thought, I know!  Today, I feel as if I have to make sure that my house is exactly as I want it, so I have been moving things around and tidying up. 

Another strange thought is that surprisingly, I feel I may have outgrown the template design on my blog!  When I first started the blog and came across the template, I knew it was for me, perhaps a little too cliché or twee for a witch, but nevertheless, I thought it was perfect.  Yet now I look at it and know that it needs changing…that it was me, but it isn’t anymore…

Being a pagan for as long as I have, I understand the almost fluvial nature of my existence…its always changing, evolving and I must adapt and bend with it instead of straining against it.  So instead of questioning the why and looking for reason and logic, I know I should just go with the flow and see what happens…

I am reminded of something my Ukrainian Grandfather used to say…small changes herald in new beginnings


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4 Responses to Something’s changing…

  1. Brigid Diana says:

    Hello! Just passing by enjoying your blog 🙂
    Mercury retrograde did just end on April 4th, along with the moon becoming full. I have felt for months that ‘something’ deep is changing… and I feel that it’s more people are getting in touch with spirituality of some sort! At least, that’s what I’ve noticed. We’ll know when we know, right?
    Blessed be~
    Brigid Diana

    • sammiwitch says:

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. The feeling that things are changing does seem to be pervading the consciousness of many people, from all walks of life. Whether it is because ‘something’ is actually happening or not…who knows…as you say, we’ll know when we know…Brightest Blessings

  2. Neferet says:

    I do like the new look of the website! 🙂 It is simple, but cute and charming.

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