Easter Update and Wishes

Well, regardless of whether or not I celebrate Easter, the world around me does, as do the people…so, what’s the point of this post?

First of all, to wish all those who do celebrate Easter, a pleasant one.

Second, to all those who do not celebrate it, I hope you have a good couple of days off work or spending time with your friends and family.

And finally to say, that I will be going away for the weekend to see my partner’s family, so I will be absent from this little spiritual sanctuary for a couple of days.  But do not fear…I shall be back!  In fact, I shall probably spend the weekend planning posts and pages!

Brightest Blessings everyone!

Sammiwitch ~*~)O(~*~

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writer and witch...
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2 Responses to Easter Update and Wishes

  1. Witchy_Girl says:

    Just thought I would pop in to check in on you, and am loving the new theme!

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