My Spiritual Sanctuary

I am quickly becoming aware that this blog, of all places, is fast becoming one of my spiritual sanctuaries.  It seems such a bizarre concept, yet it is true.  I have spent a little quiet time thinking this over, trying to analyse how this can be, and this is what I have come up with:

  • this blog serves as a place where I can put my spiritual ramblings in order
  • it has given me focus whenever my concentration has wavered
  • I have met many enlightened souls on this journey
  • Some of those who have crossed my path have been kind enough to allow themselves to act as my tarot guinea pigs
  • The posts and blogs of others have continued to ensure that my mind reminds open to the thoughts, beliefs and opinions of others
  • As a writer, I find writing therapeutic, even more so when its focus is on spiritual, witchcrafty endeavours
  • The blog serves as a repository for my thoughts and activities, which otherwise would have been scribbled down and lost amongst other musings covering one of my desks in my study, if I hadn’t started posting them!
  • Although sometimes, one’s sanctuary needs to be removed from the noise and influence of others to allow deep introspection and reflection, this spiritual sanctuary serves to connect me with other souls, who may or may not share my view of the world, but who encourage and support me nonetheless
  • The posts and blogs of others serve to remind me of what I believe and who I am, as well as inspire me on my pathway
  • The posts and blogs of others have the ability to teach me…things that I didn’t know, things that I didn’t understand before as well as re-teach those things that I have learnt but perhaps needed to be reminded of

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1 Response to My Spiritual Sanctuary

  1. Neferet says:

    That is exactly why I started my blog. I’m a reporter and a novelist (I’m actually looking into publication for a few of my works), so writing is more than a hobby of mine. But writing on such a personal topic helps organize thoughts and even opens your mind a little. Reading what others have to say makes you more knowledgeable, which is always a good thing. And the best thing is that you even learn from yourself when you’re writing. So, I totally agree with your idea that a blog can be a spiritual sanctuary, because my blog is quickly becoming one!

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