Crystals and Herbs for a Loss of Focus

This post is actually inspired by my previous post ‘A loss of focus’ and really can be considered as a follow on from it.

As I mentioned in that particular post, I was unable to focus enough on the tasks that I needed to complete, so after spending many hours working, I had in fact got rather little done.  I said I was off to break the rosemary and peppermint, the amethyst, citrine and hematite out of the witchcraft cupboard, but I didn’t explain why it was to them that I was turning.  This post is going to rectify that!


  • Amethyst – this crystal is the ultimate in de-stressing.  It is said to have the ability to instil peace and calm in one using it, helping them to relax.
  • Hematite – a great crystal for grounding.  It is said to be able to focus the mind on the matter(s) at hand, increasing one’s chances of achieving what they set out to accomplish.
  • Citrine – great for instilling postive thoughts, gentle encouragement and generally for feelings of upliftment and optimisim.  It is thought to be able to lend strength and success to any endeavour.


  • Rosemary – worn in sprigs by the ancient Greeks to aid in focusing the mind and instilling concentration where it is lacking – enough said!
  • Peppermint – is a restorative herb and is great for cleansing.  It is thought to banish negative energy and thoughts, and calm the mind as well as promote focus.

Of course, there are other herbs and crystals out there that can be used for the same purpose as the ones I have stated here, but these are the ones that I use regularly.

Brightest Blessings

* Please note that I do not advocate the taking of any homemade herbal remedy unless you know what you are doing – this post only suggests uses for herbs in magic.


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6 Responses to Crystals and Herbs for a Loss of Focus

  1. LC Aisling says:

    I would suggest a hint of lime with peppermint 🙂 – lime is fantastic oil if you need to work later than in the night than you’re used to. I like one drop on teacandle bottom (inside the metal, under the wax) – too many and you get headache, but one drop and it makes wonders to keeping yourself up. 😉

  2. sparksofme says:

    Clary Sage is so good for clarity- I like the essential oil.

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