Be Still and Know Thy Self

This week, I have been a little light on posting here, I know, and I assure you its not through a lack of want.  However, ‘time’ has joined forces with ‘work’, and together they have conspired to keep me away.

I must stress though, that isn’t all bad.  The ‘work’ is my writing, and since the visit to the sacred well on Saturday, well, it’s suffice to say that yes, I have been inspired.  So I have been tempted away from the blog for a short while, while I get all my research and notes, etc, in order.

And so, I am formulating ideas for my next big creative project.  But, the fact that I have only posted twive in the last week has weighed on my mind, for I do not want to lose touch with posting and let my blog fall by the way-side, for the experiences I have had so far with it have been great and the feedback from such lovely readers has been inspiring…At any rate, I sat down to write a few notes, the bare bones of a post that I was aiming to put together over the weekend when I was gifted or inspired – whichever you prefer – the following:

Be still and know thy self.

Know who you are and who you are not.

Be still and know thy self.

Know your thoughts, not those of others.

Be still and know thy self.

Know your voice and the words it speaks.

Be still and know thy self.

Know your heart and who it beats for.

Be still and know thy self.

Know peace in your mind, in your heart, in your soul.

Be still and know thy self.

Know what you feel, not what you are told.

Be still and know thy self.

For if you know yourself, you shall be at peace.

Be still and know thy self is a common philosophical saying (I am not sure where the exact phrase comes from at this moment, although there is a similar biblical quote Be still and know I am God).

At a glance, these words might suggest that the opinions, thoughts and teachings of others are not important, but, and I stress this, that is not what’s meant here. 

Rather, this is perhaps an exercise in knowing who we really are, what makes us tick and whether we accept who we are deep down; an exercise in introspection.  It also emphasises the fact that we need to understand who we are, otherwise we would find it difficult explaining to others what we think and what we believe.  This can be especially important following a pagan tradition…there are so many pagan pathways and philosophies out there.  Which ones work for us?  Which ones make us feel complete?  Which ones confuse us?

It is alright to voice the words of others; of course there is merit in another’s philosophy – if we understand it, the lessons in it, the meaning behind it.  However, there is no personal gain unless we understand what we are thinking and saying, and why.

Just a few rambling thoughts…

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4 Responses to Be Still and Know Thy Self

  1. Neferet says:

    That little poem was lovely. 🙂 It’s funny how rambling thoughts can be so random and unorganized in the eyes of the author, but to the reader they are perfectly logical and informative. I enjoyed reading yet another fabulous post from you!

    • sammiwitch says:

      Thank you so much. Again, it’s one of those posts that when I was writing it, it felt all over the place and more than a little disjointed. I suppose that some might read that comment and ask why I bothered posting it? 🙂 But I just went with it, mainly because it felt ‘right’ to me. I am glad that it made sense to you and that you enjoyed reading it. Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

  2. M. says:

    I always like to read ramblings :). My middle name should be rambler ;).
    Sometimes there is time, but nothing to say. Sometimes there is much to say, but no time. Sometimes there is a lot of writing, but nothing has really been said (that is me ;)). All of these are good and have their time and place. At the end of the day it is your blog and your readers will respect the fact that you have other obligations in life. They will be back to check if you write daily or only once a month. Why? Because they think you are worth the wait. What you have got to say resonates with them.
    There is a logo going around the blog sphere which I am now going to add to my sidebar. Have a look, maybe you like it too.
    Blogging without Obligation

    • sammiwitch says:

      Your words about time are very true – I think you have summed it up very well. I also think that I sometimes fall foul of writing too much without actually making my point as well! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment. Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

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