Rose Quartz and Pink Blossom

I have been writing up in my office today, overlooking my garden, which with the very mixed weather we have had this past week (thunder and lightning, hail, very heavy rain, not so heavy but persistent rain and strong winds, mixed together with periods of glorious sunshine), well, it’s no suprise that the garden has burst into life!

Others – that is, real gardeners – might despair with my garden as it is now full of nettles and dandelions (well, OK, I may be exaggerating here…other things are growing too, but I digress)…Other non-witchy folk might despair but as a herb-loving pagan, I find it warming.

As I looked into the garden, through the almost irridescent raindrops that have splattered my window, my attention is caught by the crabapple tree and its delicate pink blossoms, the edges of which are outlined in a darker, raspberry pink…immediately I am thinking ‘rose quartz’…the crystal of peace and love, harmony and acceptance…not to mention romance!

If I get a moment tomorrow, I shall go out and collect some of the rose quartz coloured blossoms and place them in a shallow dish on my altar…a beautiful addition, just in time for Beltane…


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5 Responses to Rose Quartz and Pink Blossom

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  2. paganpair says:

    Hey, I really like this post. When I write or tell people about my garden these are the kinds of things I really want to talk about ; the way it makes me feel and the elegance in the intricate little things, as you have here, but people want to know whether the thyme is thriving and if the Rosemary has established. Just thought I’d say, too, that dandelions and nettles are herbs as good as any others. Nettles help out with irregular periods when made into a tea and make a very good soup to have in the spring. Dandelions are full of sun energy, something that can be quite hard to come by this time of year, for rituals.

    • sammiwitch says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting – it’s much appreciated. I definately agree – dandelions and nettles are invaluable to the witch and herbalist alike! I personally add dandelion flowers into spring pot pourri and place on my altar and a table in my living room – the colour is so vibrant and just what we need when the weather is dark and dismal (although, as I am writing this, the sun is actually shining!) Another one of my favourite ‘weeds’ is herb robert – the little pink flowers are just so cute…no wonder they are associated with fairies. Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

  3. uniwitch says:

    That’s lovely. We planted an apple tree last year, attaching gala, fugi, granny, etc.. branches and its blossoms are just thriving. Plus our pear tree is also blossoming for the first time!

    Isn’t Spring grand?! 🙂

    • sammiwitch says:

      With Autumn, Spring is my favourite time of the year. I find that as they both are associated with change and transition, they are very inspiring. And there is just something magickal about fruit trees! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

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