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Crows, Ravens, Jackdaws, and Me

Crows, Ravens, Jackdaws and Me Crows, ravens, jackdaws…I have loved them since I was a child.  I cannot explain why.  I do not know when I first felt a connection to them.  All I can remember for sure was that … Continue reading

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Eurovision…the verdict

So, as a continuation of Eurovision…love it or loathe it? who do you think were this years winners and losers?  What did everyone think to the show?  Did you vote?  If so, for whom? Can’t wait to hear what you … Continue reading

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Crystals and Herbs for Upliftment

Part 6 of the Crystals and Herbs for… series.  In this installment we are focusing upon upliftment… Crystals Citrine – is thought to boost energy and levels of optomisim, promoting upliftment and easing depression Amber – is known for its gentle uplifting qualities, … Continue reading

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Portable Crystal Altar

Further to Pagan Pair’s post on practical constraints for witches (Quartz Crystal, simple idea for the witch with constraints – a great post and well worth a read!), I thought I would add my pennies worth :-)… Since going to Aberystwyth … Continue reading

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Eurovision…love it or loathe it?

Just for fun…Eurovision…Love it or Loathe it? With the first of the semi-finals for the Eurovision Song Contest to be broadcast from Azerbaijan tonight on BBC Three in the UK, I want to know what people think of it.  Do … Continue reading

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