My Witchy Week in Review

 Where have I been: A ruined church in the middle of nowhere; very pretty and evocative and always cold, no matter the weather; walking in the local woods

What have I been listening to:  Faun (favourite track Rhiannon); Stereophonics (Word Gets Around album)

What have I been watching: Tony Robinson’s Superstitions, Champion’s League Final (didn’t plan to watch it; my partner did); Grimm, Murdoch Mysteries


What have I been reading: The Art of the Maze by Adrian Fisher and Georg Gerster, Defying Rome: The Rebels of Roman Britain by Guy de la Bédoyère

What have I been writing: articles for The Moonstone; blog posts; I have started writing a new novel (I have several on the go at once) but whether it will lead anywhere and develop into a complete story, only time will tell; putting the finishing touches to a couple of courses I have written

What have I been making: recipes mainly for the Kitchen Witch Cook Book feature in The Moonstone, including strawberry bakewell tart and iced cinnamon muffins

Flower of the week: Definately the forget-me-nots in my garden – I just love them

Herb of the week: chives – the flowers on my chives will be opening soon and I am full of anticipation, the purple flowers are beautiful

Crystal of the week: there are two, rose quartz which I have been using to help revive my aloe plant 😦 and amethyst which I have been carrying around with me all week long

Tarot card of the week: well, the recurring card of the week is the 3 of Swords (I can hear other tarot enthusiasts groan!), though the traditional meaning of heartache and betrayal is not relevant here – although feel free to email me with any insights you guys might have at – your views are always welcome.

Motto of the week:  No more excuses!

And the rest:

  • Sad over more animal cruelty cases that I have come across, namely a spate of hedgehog attacks in Cambridgeshire and attacks on swans and ducks in Lincoln
  • Planning to start my Learn Welsh course
  • Attempting to de-clutter the house – my partner and I collect books but we decided that we should try and get rid of some of them or buy a bigger house 🙂
  • Catching up with uni friends – just where does the time go?

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