Crystals and Herbs for Upliftment

Part 6 of the Crystals and Herbs for… series.  In this installment we are focusing upon upliftment…


  • Citrine – is thought to boost energy and levels of optomisim, promoting upliftment and easing depression
  • Amber – is known for its gentle uplifting qualities, and for its ability to inspire joy and happiness
  • Yellow Calcite – is good for instilling feelings of happiness especially when a person has been down.  Also aids in releasing negativity and promoting a positive outlook on life


  • Marigold – good for all-round upliftment, leading to personal growth and development, as well as contentment
  • Bergamot – gently encourages the mind to relax and refreshes the spirit, leading to feelings of positivity and upliftment
  • Lemongrass – is said to have the power to dispel negativity and encourage upliftment and is especially useful when low moods are the result of over-stress and mental fatigue.

Of course, this is only a small selection of the herbs and crystals out there that are associated with upliftment.  Others may resonate better with you.

Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

* Please note that I do not advocate the taking of any homemade herbal remedy unless you know what you are doing – this post only suggests uses for herbs in magic.

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