A good day…?

I must have been in a very clumsy mood yesterday as I banged my little toe very badly, twice, within 30 minutes.  At first I didn’t think much of it, except how bad it hurt, but as I could move it and it wasn’t obviously broken, I put it to the back of my mind.  That was except for the times when I had to move about – it hurt, like hell, then.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t go for my evening walk to the woods with my partner.  It is something we have been doing a lot of recently.  The evening before was lovely; I got some great photos of the sun streaming through the branches which made some trees look like they were on fire in places.  We also got caught in a very heavy downpour that evening, which was great.  I love the rain and am not adverse to getting wet.  Also heavy showers can help lift your mood because the air becomes charged with positive ions, or so I remember from being told at university.  It certainly helped lift my spirits.

So, as my partner went off for a walk, I decided to put my time alone to good use and meditate.  These days I hardly find enough time to do it, or rather to do it as often as I would like, so I jumped at the opportunity.  I went to my work room, closed the blinds and lit a few candles and some incense and took my socks off, spending a minute checking over the hurt toe, but it was only a little red.

I then proceeded to sing, which is currently one of my favourite methods of raising energy.  And the strangest thing happened…in my slightly dazed-like state, I felt goosebumps spread up my arms and across my scalp.  I shivered, like I had a chill up my spine.  It felt that my hair was standing on end, though I checked and it wasn’t ;-). The only time that I have ever come close to feeling anything like this is when working with Spirit.  But this seemed different.  But I didn’t dwell on it, I tried to move on to the meditation, which after a few slight distractions, was uneventful, except for the message that today is going to be a good day.

That night as I was getting into bed, I checked again on my little toe as I worried about knocking it in my sleep.  I was surprised to find that only a couple of hours after last checking it, my toe was now one big black-blue bruise – no wonder the thing hurt!  But it made me wonder one thing, whether my experience during my meditation was a healing one, speeding up the recovery of my little toe and drawing out the bruise.  I slept fine through the night without any painkillers, and this morning the pain has subsided greatly and I can more or less move around again.  It’s just a thought.  Alternatively, is this the power of suggestion at work?

Another thought that crossed my mind is whether the message that today is going to be a good day because my toe is almost healed or whether there is another reason?  I suppose I shall just have to be patient and see what happens…

I hope everyone else has a good day too,

Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

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6 Responses to A good day…?

  1. It's a Wiccan Life says:

    Oww! Hope your toe is better. I love the rain as well, and we finally got some for nearly three days now !

    • sammiwitch says:

      Thank you so much. There is something very special about rain and thunderstorms and lightning displays… pure, powerful, natural magic…Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

  2. Neferet says:

    Interesting! Whenever I meditate and see Aset, a pleasant chill runs down my spine. I feel cold and then warm, and though it is bizarre, it is a good feeling. Maybe you were visited by a goddess who helped you heal? 🙂

    • sammiwitch says:

      It certainly feels as if that might be the case as the toe is healing nicely. I hope so. I have said thank you to whichever benevolent spirit it might have been, just in case :-). I am hoping to get another chance to meditate tomorrow and see if I can find any answers. Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

  3. earthfae says:

    I lvoe hearing about moments and experinces like this.

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