The Green Man

The Green Man is a common feature of folk and pagan-inspired artwork.  As a nature deity, he represents the natural world and all that it encompasses…

Walking through fields,
Or deep in the forest,
I know He is watching,
Although I can’t see him.
A face made of foliage
And hair made of twigs
I stop and I stare
But where is he?
Not there…

 I am quite fond of The Green Man…all right that is a bit of an understatement.  I love walking through the local woods; there are many green men there, to my eye at least. There are some who are always there, and others that I only see once before they vanish.  When I say vanish, I suppose what I mean is that the leaves have moved in the wind and the ‘picture’ changes. 

The earliest references to a green-man like figure come from the classical world.  The green man is the male counterpart to the Earth Mother, and thus the symbol of male fertility.  He rules the natural world, but is also part of it.  He is also known as the Wild Man of the Woods.  Throughout the Middles Ages, medieval stonemasons incorporated images of the Green Man into churches and cathedrals, especially above doorways.  Today, The Green Man name lends itself to many pubs in the UK, most notably in rural areas.

The Green Man Through the Year (or at least my take on it…)

He is symbollic of the triumph of spring over winter, when the natural world re-awakens and bursts forth into life.  His power increases through the spring and summer, to its height at the Summer Solstice.  After Midsummer, the sun’s power begins to decline.  During this time, the realm of the Green Man changes, from one of growth to one of fruition as the harvest season approaches.  As Mabon comes and goes and the autumnal equinox passes, the Sun God is dying as the dark begins to outweigh the light.  As if in sympathy, the Wild Wood too eventually goes into decline, dying back and withdrawing from the world.  And yet, the dark soon gives way to the light again, when at Midwinter the Sun God is reborn.  Soon, it will again be the time of the Green Man… 

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