The Despairing Lover by William Walsh

This is another poem I studied in school, but the reason I am posting it here is that it always brings a smile to my face.  It’s one of those poems that makes me laugh out loud.  I hope you enjoy it…

The Despairing Lover

William Walsh (1662 – 1708)


Distracted with care,

For Phillis the fair;

Since nothing could move her,

Poor Damon, her lover,

Resolves in despair

No longer to languish,

Nor bear so much anguish;

But, mad with his love,

To a precipice goes;

Where, a leap from above

Would soon finish his woes.


When in rage he came there,

Beholding how steep

The sides did appear,

And the bottom how deep;

His torments projecting,

And sadly reflecting,

That a lover forsaken

A new love may get;

But a neck, when once broken,

Can never be set;

And, that he could die

Whenever he would;

But, that he could live

But as long as he could:

How grievous soever

The torment might grow,

He scorned to endeavour

To finish it so.

But bold, unconcerned

At thoughts of the pain,

He calmly returned

To his cottage again.


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