Recycled Candle Making and Herb Gathering At Litha

A post of two halves…

Recycled Candle Making

Like most pagans, I get through lots of candles!  Over the past few years I have taken to recycling what remains of my old candles, transforming them into new candle-creations.  Of course, this idea isn’t new, but it is certainly a great way to recycle.

I have made one candle specifically for Litha (the red one in the photo below), and a green healing candle.  If you have being reading my latest posts, you will know that I am planning a home-based spiritual retreat.  So, it made sense to design a candle specifically for that too:

Herb-Gathering at Midsummer

Traditionally, all herbs collected at Midsummer are more potent than those which are collected at other times of the year.  This is thought to be especially true of those herbs associated with the Summer, the Soltice and the Fae.

So, I have been out collecting and gethering my herbs today, to replenish old stock.  Most of what I had collected last year has been used.  I am planning on ritually burning the rest (the herbs I can easily replace, and that need replacing, that is).  I will then offer the ashes back to the earth in thanks.

I also have gathered a few flowers that I shall be adding into my pot pourri dish: one large blue ‘love-in-a-mist’ flower head, a bright red begonia flower and some lovely, fragrant wild rose petals.

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