Venus Figurines

File:Venus Roumanie.png

Picture credit:  Wikipedia

Venus figurines are a group of similar-featured archaeological artefacts, thought by some to be earliest representation of the Earth Mother Goddess.  Of course, we cannot know for sure what these figurines actually portray, and other theories exist as to their function.

The majority of Venus figurines date to the Upper Palaeolithic (40,000-10,000 years ago), although some earlier examples have been found.  They have been excavated all over mainland Europe, although some have been found further afield.

Though the exact features of the figurines differ between examples, they tend to have aspects in common such as exaggerated breasts and hips and abdomens.  It is these that have led to suggestions that the figures represent the Earth Mother.

The picture above is of the Venus Roumanie. (picture credit: Wikipedia).  However, perhaps the most famous example of a Venus figurine is that of the Venus of Willendorf.

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