The Travel Box

This post was supposed to be posted at the end of last week, but with one thing and another, I never got round to completing it!

In order to ease my lugging around of certain witchy things between places safely, I have designed myself a witchy-tarot travel box, which came in useful this weekend just past (check out this post if you’re interested). The project was started before I knew I would be attending this little event, but as with most things, its priority became diminished as other things came and went.  That was of course until the beginning of last week when I thought the box would be quite useful.

The box itself came from a car boot sale (I think – my mum found it for me).  It reminded me of those old school desks where the lid lifted up, but it was, rather mundanely, a first aid box in its previous life – or so the label said.

It took a while to remove the top layer of varnish, and I hate sanding things down at the best of times (I love working with wood, but I find having to sand it down the least enjoyable part!).  However, I found the determination from somewhere to do a (fairly) good job of it.

The next step was to decide how I was going to decorate it.  I had rather hoped to pyrograph some beautiful Celtic designs on the lid, but unfortunately the wood had a few blemishes in it which I thought would detract from the overall effect.  So I was going to have to paint it.  I thought black would be too blasé; every pagan and their mother have a black box, and I already own two.  My next thought was purple, my favourite colour, but there is a fine line between looking witchy and looking garish, and I didn’t have the time to test out which this would be.  Then I found a tin of blue gloss paint, and quickly painted my first coat.  The colour looked great but then I realised, a little too late, that hardly anything will stick to gloss, especially other paints, so my idea to stencil the Celtic designs on to the lid quickly flew out of the window.

The next day I put the second coat of paint on the outside of the box, and wracked my brain with how I could complete it.  The colour was quite striking, so if came to it and I could not add anything else to it, it would still look like a beautiful box, only it wouldn’t be the box that I had envisioned.

I spent that night going through all my pagan stuff and trying to decide what I wanted to take with me to the Gypsy Wagon event and I came across a couple of Lisa Parker greeting cards that I bought a while ago.  There were two, The Green Man and a pentacle with candles and red roses.  It was a tough decision to choose between the two cards, but in the end I opted for the pentacle card for the front of the box.  The Green Man could always be used on the inside of the lid at a later time.

The morning before my departure was consumed with the last lot of painting; I had to paint the inside of the lid as well as the rim to the main box.  I opted not to paint or even line the interior of the box as the contrast between the blue of the paint and the colour of the wood looks good (to my eye, at least).  Of course, I can always change this at a later date.

Finally, when the paint was dry, it was time to affix the cards to the box.  I trimmed them on my guillotine (I can’t cut a straight line with a pair of scissors, no matter how hard I try!) and decided that glue might just peal off from the gloss paint, so I was going to have to use pins to secure the pics to the box.  I hoped that my upholstery tacs would do the job but they were too big.  I was going to have to resort to drawing pins, but I found some in a blue that matched the colour of the paint well.

And that is the tale of my travel box.  The box isn’t finished, but its as finished as its going to be for a while, I think!

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12 Responses to The Travel Box

  1. That was such a fun post. I love your Travel Box.

  2. Neferet says:

    Wow, that turned out just lovely! 🙂 Great idea. Blessings!

  3. Cassandra says:

    Your travel box looks absolutely amazing! I love it.

  4. M. says:

    Yeap! I just turned green :D.

  5. Jove says:

    It’s gorgeous, wow!

  6. byronycoffin says:

    Beautiful my friend it’s beautiful. I believe you have a ton of talent and wonderful ideas. I am so glad that I found and follow your blog. I am still trying organize my oils collection. I’m having trouble because I have 156 different oils and some I still need to get. I need Mars oil and conjure oil by the boatloads. I’m sick to death of trying to alphabetized oils. I need tons of room l just don’t have. So you keep on moving with your beautiful works of art. Your really and truly artistic. Bright blessings. Byrony.

    • sammiwitch says:

      Thank you for your kind words. 156 oils…oh my…that’s a lot of oil! It must be hard to keep track of so many. I have a few that I work with regularly that I blend myself but 156…I am in awe! Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

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