Once In a Blue Moon…

So, tonight there will be a Blue Moon.  A Blue Moon is the second full moon in one calendar month.  The last one was a couple of years ago and the next one won’t be until 2015…So make this one count!

Of course, any way that you celebrate a full moon would be applicable tonight, but because a blue moon is rather special and its influence stronger, you might want to do something a little special to reflect that.  Focus on the significant, important issues, but lets  not forget that dreams and wishes are also valid tonight.

A few Witchy Ways to mark the Blue Moon:

  • Focus on rituals that centre around dreams and ambitions, especially ones that you feel might be a long shot.
  • Divination – asking the difficult questions tonight might help you find the answers and guidance you have been looking for.
  • Ensure crystals and special jewellary or objects are left by a window overnight so that they are bathed in the light of the blue moon.
  • Spend sometime outside under the gaze moon or even conduct a cleansing ritual outside in your back garden (if you are able).
  • Meditation – A Blue Moon is a time to be inspired, so why not look within and connect with the creative part of you…Or do some work with your spirit guides, angels or ancestors…

What will I be doing tonight?  I shall be spending sometime with the tarot cards methinks, conducting a little ritual or two and washing it down nicely with a glass of homemade berry cordial as I think about the future and what it might hold…mmm….

I would love to hear how others are marking tonight’s Blue Moon, if you are doing so…

Brightest Blessings,

Sammiwitch ~*~)O(~*~


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10 Responses to Once In a Blue Moon…

  1. Luna says:

    You’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Award! Congrats! Check out the details here: http://thebruisedcandle.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/sunshine-award/

  2. la dauphine says:

    I actually clicked over to your blog to wish you a happy blue moon, of course you greeted me first! Blessed be!

  3. Thanks, this was helpful!

  4. Thank you for the pointers 🙂

    It definitely feels like a great night for the Tarot to me too!

  5. Neferet says:

    Helpful points; thanks for sharing! Blessed be, and happy blue moon!

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