A Flying Visit to Chester

A couple of weeks ago, we headed back up north, to the county of Cheshire.  As part of the trip we decided to spend the day in Chester.

It was my first visit to the historic city; but luckily, the partner and his family have been often so were more than capable as my personal tour guides!

Chester, or Deva as the Roman’s called it, has a rich and vibrant history.  The Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans have all played their part and as you walk around the city you stumble upon reminders of the past…in fact, they are everywhere you look!  The Medieval buildings, and the later white and black architecture…it is hard to visit Chester and not be inspired by what you see…

The picture above is of the mural painted around part of the wall of the Roman amphitheatre…

You can walk around the old city wall…from it you will see Roman ruins from above, beautiful views of the River Dee, walk past Chester Cathedral and walk under the very striking and ornate Eastgate clock (pictured above), you will see the Chester Rows (picture below; certainly not the best one you will come across but my senses were being bombarded from every direction; I could hardly decide where to the point the camera!)…

Then there was the castle, the gates, the churches (we stopped into St Peters for refreshments; a beautiful, dark little church full of stained glass; on a sunny day it must have been amazing in there, but while we were supping tea we were instead treated to a thunderstorm…all very atmospheric…and I love thunderstorms anyway)…

Of course, I can’t wait to go back…


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5 Responses to A Flying Visit to Chester

  1. I love it a place where overlapping history is evident. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I used to go to Chester a lot but unfortunately haven’t been for about twenty five years. You’ve got me thinking because I think my son would love it and has never been.

    • sammiwitch says:

      Even as a grown-up (that’s what they tell me I am…) I enjoyed it; especially seeing the mural in the amphitheatre which really brought the site to life. I think we even saw a man dressed up as a Roman centurion walking around. Brightest Blessings ~*~)O(~*~

      • Yes, I’m supposed to be a grown up too – I find it hard to believe. I will definitely be taking my son there as he loves history so much – it will be nice for me to see how it has changed in all the years since I last visited. I love places that embrace their sense of history with folks in costumes.

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