Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha or Budai is figure from Chinese folklore.  He is depicted as a round, bald man, often carrying a sack, but always laughing.  He is a symbol of contentment and happiness and teaches us to be happy with what we have, at this moment…in striving for more we could lose that which we already possess and end up with nothing…

Laughing Buddha is known the world over these days and can be found everywhere.  I don’t know how many little statues of him we have in our house – I’ve lost count!  I find keeping a little statue of him close by very helpful…when I am cross or angry, or flustered because there doesn’t seem enough time to get my work done, or whether I am just generally feeling low, a little glance in His direction is all it takes to make me smile!

Rubbing his belly is said to bestow prosperity and happiness on a person.

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