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The Time is Now

This morning I woke up to realise I am no longer in my twenties! *gasp!* Yes, today is my 30th birthday, and I suddenly feel like now is the time to grow up – well, a little, at any rate. … Continue reading

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An Amazing Review of The Magician!

My thanks go out this morning to the wonderful Anthony over at I Spider.  When I checked what little goodies were waiting for me in my reader this morning (something that I haven’t done for a few days), I was … Continue reading

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A Little Reflection…

I was both pleasantly surprised and a little taken aback by the level of response I had received from the tarot reading for an unknown sitter, both in terms of emails and comments.  In all honesty, I believed that no … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Therapist’s Cat by Stephanie Sorrell

This book review can also be found on The Scriptorium. When you first read what The Therapist’s Cat is about, you automatically think ‘sounds funny, light-hearted, I’ll give that a go’, but underlying all the humour is a very serious message.  This … Continue reading

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A Gift for the New Year

I felt moved this morning to do a tarot reading for an unknown sitter.  Having a few minutes to spare, I did the reading, which you can find below.  Does this reading speak to you?  Do you think this reading … Continue reading

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