Breaking free from the strictures of a to-do list

Every night before I go to bed, I reflect on the day that has just been before looking ahead  to tomorrow.  I then put together a list of tasks, chores and work that I need to try and complete.  What isn’t completed that day rolls over to the next day’s list, and it all starts again.

For the majority of the time, I need structure and routine in order to get things done.  It’s not very exciting but it does help to keep me focused.

However, every once in a while, I like to break free from schedules and lists, and simply claim back this time as my own.  At times like these, I find my creativity soars, inspiration is found everywhere, and a sense of peace prevails.

No deadlines are met, no tasks are ticked off any lists, but I always find I have accomplished much when that night I look back on the day.  Furthermore, I find that spells like this, although could never become the norm for me as they would probably lose their potency, serve to centre me.  And when things do go back to normal, I work with a renewed sense of energy and determination.

purple forest



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11 Responses to Breaking free from the strictures of a to-do list

  1. Mia says:

    Oh my goodness, me too! It really helps my memory to have a list (I title it ‘Today is Love’) and then do each thing that’s right to do next as it comes up. Sometimes none of the ‘right’ things for that day are on the list. A couple days ago I was pretty thrilled to check off 4/7 things! Yay! 🙂 Hooray for creativity!

    • sammiwitch says:

      I need to have a list or else I would worry that I would forget to do something important – which is one of my worst fears! I think titling your list ‘Today is Love’ is great. I love reading your comments and posts because you always seem to know how to add that little bit more sunshine into everything – inspiring!

  2. It's a Wiccan Life says:

    Love love love that photo!!

  3. mari wells says:

    I’m the opposite it seems, I need to be free everyday if something doesn’t get done for days on end, oh well. I do end up being very scheduled for a week or two once every 3 or four months. Everything gets done and then I go back to my free style again.

    • sammiwitch says:

      I wish I could be free everyday – I think I would get anxious and panic that things weren’t getting done, lol! But that’s just little ole crazy me 🙂 Brightest Blessings

  4. Yes, we need time to let ourselves creative and be totally free – like everything it’s all down to balance and you are obviously very good at that. Brightest Blessings.

  5. shreejacob says:

    It’s great that you are able to do that…let yourself “go free”. I on the other hand have be very careful because I *do* tend to be lazy and a day can go by without me doing much except lounging about!!

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