Sacrifice in Order to Gain…

This year I have been working on letting things go…things I don’t really need or want, and in the great scheme of things, although this is helpful to me, it is when I give up that which I want to keep or believe I need, that the greater sense of gain materialises.

Sometimes, to find clarity of path and purpose, we need to cut ourselves off for a while and sacrifice some of the things that mean the most to us, in the hope that in the isolation, answers are found.  When there is too much going on around us, it can be hard to move forward with surety; too many distractions create too many complications and raise too many doubts.  Too many options create too many diversions and the focus on what we should be doing is elsewhere, worrying about something that we think is important, but it is not…

So, I first took a little lesson from The Hanged Man…I sacrificed some of the things that were dear to me…I let them go for a while, and it was so hard.  One of the things was my Tarot…another was this blog…but there were other things too.  To others, this might have seemed quite selfish, but sometimes we need to work inwardly and focus on ourselves if we are to be of any use to others…some of you will understand that only too well…

After that, the only thing I had to guide me was my intuition…trying to do what is right because it feels right and using my own judgement to decide how to move forward.  It’s a slow process, but a rewarding one.  One that brought to light many new things, things I probably would not have found if I had taken another path.  New projects have been started, old ones boxed away.  New sources of inspiration have illuminated the way, whilst the old ones are still there, but in the background rather than at the forefront.

So what have I gained?  A little more peace in my heart and spirit, which is always welcome.  A little more direction, although I seem to have a natural tendency to wander, something I doubt will ever change completely.  A new way to live my life, a way that focuses on love, mercy, compassion, connection and contemplation.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it is more than enough…

Wishing you abundant blessings of love, peace and joy.

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12 Responses to Sacrifice in Order to Gain…

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    giving up things that mean the most to us, or bring others wisdom, truth or experience, or give joy and contentment to all around us, is always worth keeping and sharing


  2. sagedoyle says:

    Beautiful post, glad to have you back, but even gladder that you gained peace and chose the path that is best for you. Blessed be.

  3. Sue says:

    Fantastic blog. Missed the boosts you gave me and now you have inspired me to challenge myself and let things go.

    Welcome back

  4. shreejacob says:

    Well hello there and welcome back 🙂 The exercise you did sounds awesome. I agree with you, when we hold on to things we really do feel constricted…and as if too much is happening. What you did sounds like a great practice of detachment…and reading it, I may need to think of doing this too!

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