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Crystals and Reading the Tarot

I love working with, using, wearing and being surrounded by crystals.  They are pretty to look at, but are so much more than that. I posted this photo as part of my Tarot Cards and a Gypsy Wagon post, and … Continue reading

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Thanks to my Tarot Guinea Pigs!

Thanks to all those who have supported my continuing tarot development. All those whom I have met though the free tarot reading offer have earned my gratitude and respect.  Not many people would have put their faith in someone who … Continue reading

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Tarot Deck Review: Hansen-Roberts Deck

This post begins my journey though reviewing my collection of tarot and oracle cards.  Please note that all the information provided herein is my personal opinion of the cards and this may agree or disagree with others opinions of the … Continue reading

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Free Tarot Reading Offer!

I have currently withdrawn the FREE TAROT READING OFFER due to time constraints…for more information on future divination readings, please check out ‘Divination’ page… Why am I offering a free tarot reading?  A good question… First of all, please, please, … Continue reading

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The Complexities of a Tarot Reading

The popularity of the tarot has been on the increase for years and yet many people do not understand what can affect a reading. Here are my personal views on the subject… First of all, the purpose of the tarot reading … Continue reading

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